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The Watson Chronicles - The Case of the Low Mileage Lure

These are only a sampling of the items discovered by an NRVIA Certified inspector on a low mileage RV.

The NRVIA standards provide for a 'deep-dive' inspection and detailed report that will provide you with the knowledge of the true condition of the RV so that you may make an informed purchase decision. Whether new or pre-owned, an NRVIA Certified Inspection is an investment that pays you dividends.

I hope this installment of The Watson Chronicles was informative. If you are buying a new or pre-owned RV you can find an Independent NRVIA Certified RV Inspector at

Our primary objective at Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC is to serve you by making sure your RV is safe to occupy and all major systems and appliances are functioning as intended.

Check out our web site at

Safe Travels,

Ron Francoeur

Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC


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