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We Inspect all Classes of RV's from Motorhomes to Towables. Although based in Central Florida we remain mobile and are able to travel in and out of state to most locations where you may need us to complete your RV inspection.


Service Offerings

COMPREHENSIVE RV INSPECTION: This is a thorough top to bottom review and check of all RV functions in accordance with the NRVIA Standards of Practice. It comprises 40 categories of inspection and takes a full day to complete. The final report will include at least 80 detailed photographs to clarify the findings, including all observed cosmetic issues.

This service is ideal for the remote and discrminating buyer who needs us to be their eyes and ears on site. The report is the next best thing to being there in person.

PREMIER RV INSPECTION: This economical service level is a light version of the Comprehensive Inspection in that it excludes reporting of the cosmetic and normal wear issues while retaining the thorough top to bottom review of all RV functions in accordance with the NRVIA Standards of Practice.

SAFETY ONLY RV INSPECTION: This inspection service focuses only on whether the RV is safe to occupy and use. It is ideal for the buyer who plans to renovate an older preowned unit and is not overly concerned with cosmetic issues or the functionality of systems that will be replaced during the renovation.

NEW OWNER ORIENTATION: Already have an RV and want a comprehensive How To Orientation? We offer a half-day of guided hands-on exercises to help you master the fundamentals of RV life. We can come to you or you can come to our full hook up site in Summerfield, FL.


RV RENTAL PERIODIC INSPECTION REQUIREMENT: Do you rent your RV through OUTDOORSY or another rental agency? We offer an affordable inspection package to satisfy your 90 day and annual inspection requirements* 

We can come to you or save the travel fee and bring your RV to our Inspection Site in Summerfield, FL.

*(Minus the annual mechanical: brakes, alignment, engine, drivetrain section which has to be performed by a qualified mechanic shop) 

For your convenience we have a Full Hook Up RV site that can accommodate rigs up to 40 feet . This site located in Summerfield, FL is available to be scheduled for the following services at no additional cost to you.

This site is available for:

1.) RV Inspection Services

2.) New RV Owner Orientation Consulting Services 

3.) RV Preventative Maintenance Services

4.) OUTDOORSY 90 day/annual inspections

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