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RV Inspection FAQ

Why Have an RV Inspection?

What does an RV Inspection cost?

New RV's regardless of manufacturer are being produced with quality control deficiencies. RV dealerships do not have the time or resources to do a thorough evaluation of every new and pre-owned RV so they work to correct as many of these issues as they can identify through an abbreviated Pre-Delivery Inspection process (PDI). Sadly, this allows for many issues to remain undiscovered.


Comparatively, the RV inspection service that we offer is a full day exhaustive top to bottom evaluation of the RV systems as well as its fit and finish.

Preowned RV's have been subjected to earthquake level forces during normal road use which can introduce functional problems with the RV systems and appliances necessitating the need for a Comprehensive RV Inspection before purchase.

New and preowned RV's that have been sitting idle for extended periods of time are also susceptible to damage due to environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, vermin and insects. In addition, many mechanical and electrical systems need to be regularly exercised to maintain proper functionality.

An independent inspection by an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector is an investment on your part that will give you the knowledge and power to assure the value is there for the price and that specific corrective actions are taken before you take delivery. 

Your quoted price for an RV Inspection takes into consideration several factors:

  1. Where the RV is located for inspection. (Having the RV brought to our Inspection site in Summerfield, FL when possible saves travel costs).

  2. The Class, type, size, age, and complexity of the RV.

  3. There are several hours of preparation work to research the VIN for active recalls and to become familiar with any unique systems on the RV.

  4. A full work day is allocated for the inspection.

  5. The report finalization, submission and Q&A review typically takes an additional several hours.

  6. Any optional items added to the scope of the inspection.

An Inspection done to NRVIA standards is the most thorough inspection in the industry. 

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