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The Watson Chronicles - The Case of Leaks, Flats, and Fire Safety

RV: New 2023 Fifth Wheel

Inspection Results: 3 LIFE/SAFETY Issues;

8 MAJOR Issues;

14 MINOR Issues

This Case: Water was observed dripping from a pin hole in the underbelly during the inspection of the undercarriage. Examination of the area above in the RV indicated that when the shower was run, water leaked, not only into the underbelly, but also onto the bathroom floor.

This Case: While inspecting the tires the inspector observed a screw embedded in the tread. This most likely would not have been noticed since the tire pressure was within specified limits at the time. However, at highway speeds after taking delivery this screw could have caused a serious incident.

This Case: The inspector observed that the factory neglected to install an essential piece of safety equipment: The Fire Extinguisher. It is supposed to be securely mounted and located within 24 inches of the entry door and is usually located on the wall space between the door and refrigerator close to the floor.

These are only three of the serious items discovered by an NRVIA Certified inspector on a factory fresh new RV.

The NRVIA standards provide for a 'deep-dive' inspection and detailed report that will provide you with the knowledge of the true condition of the RV so that you may make an informed purchase decision. Whether new or pre-owned, an NRVIA Certified Inspection is an investment that pays you dividends.

I hope this installment of The Watson Chronicles was informative. If you are buying a new or pre-owned RV you can find an Independent NRVIA Certified RV Inspector at

Our primary objective at Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC is to serve you by making sure your RV is safe to occupy and all major systems and appliances are functioning as intended. Check out our web site at

Safe Travels,

Ron Francoeur

herlock RV Inspection Service, LLC


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