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The Watson Chronicles - The Case of the Substitute Screw

RV: 2023 Class A Motorhome

Inspection Results: 3 MAJOR Issues; 14 MINOR Issues

This Case: The front cap access door to the engine compartment utilizes a stop post (typically Machine Screw Threaded) to keep the door from opening too far and causing damage to the front cap/wall.

The inspector observed that the stop bar was not present and a large screw (Sheet Metal Threaded) had been forced into the hole as a substitute. The screw is not as strong as the original stop post nor are the threads as secure as a machine thread with thread locker. This could easily fail due to normal road vibration.

Watson asked if there was a need to inspect new factory-direct RV's. To which the inspector replied, 'It is elementary, my dear Watson.' This screw may have been minor, however the major issues alone were worth the investment in a NRVIA Certified inspection.

I hope this installment of The Watson Chronicles was informative. If you are buying a new or pre-owned RV you can find an Independent NRVIA Certified RV Inspector at

Our primary objective at Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC is to serve you by making sure your RV is safe to occupy and all major systems and appliances are functioning as intended. Check out our web site at

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