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RV Inspections - Why & When do you Need One?

RV Inspections - Why & When do you Need One?

By: Ron Francoeur

Office: 352-224-9477

Cell/Text: 678-360-6883

When I told people that I was making a career change and starting my own business as a Certified RV Inspector most of them asked, 'What is an RV inspector?' The answer is simple: An RV inspector is like a home inspector for your home on wheels.

Most of us would not think twice about requiring a home inspection for a bricks & sticks house we are considering for purchase, yet many people have no idea that it is even more important to have an inspection done for an RV they are thinking about buying.

Why is it equally if not more important to have an inspection done on an RV?

For the simple fact that it is mobile. An RV is subjected to earthquake like forces on a regular basis whereas your stationary home is not. These forces shake, rattle, flex, and twist the RV structure as you drive it from campsite to campsite. Over time, these forces take their toll on wiring harnesses, plumbing pipes and connections, propane lines, and everything and anything that is mechanically fastened. Failures in these components can cause nuisance if not serious damage and personal safety concerns.

When do I need to have an RV Inspected?

1) When you are Buying a New or Preowned RV.

2) When you are Selling your RV.

3) When you are Renting out your RV.

Buying New or Preowned:

It does not matter if the RV is 5 years old or fresh from the manufacturer, serious issues are found in both categories.

For new RV's it is usually due to poor manufacturing quality control and a dealer's Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) is simply not comprehensive enough to catch and correct the myriad of factory omissions and defects.

For pre-owned RV's the issues are due to age, wear and tear, inadequate maintenance and so on.

Selling Your RV:

Yes, you will benefit from having an inspection when selling your RV. When you put your RV up for sale, time is of the essence. You want to close a sale quickly and efficiently with minimal, if not zero haggling over price.

Having a recent independent, unbiased, inspection report completed by a Certified NRVIA Inspector to share with prospective buyers can work to close the deal quickly. Showing the buyer evidence of items corrected that were flagged in the report builds confidence in the buyer that nothing is hidden.

The inspection can be a full Comprehensive inspection or a more economical reduced scope of work Essentials package that answers the questions, Is the RV safe to occupy? and Do the major systems and appliances function as intended?

Having either type of inspection on hand will work to get you top dollar and close your sale faster.

Renting Out Your RV:

When you rent out your RV privately or through an agency such as Outdoorsy or RV Share you are required to maintain inspection/maintenance records on a quarterly and annual basis. This works to satisfy insurance requirements, minimizes your risk exposure, and gives you and your renters peace of mind that your RV is safe to occupy and its major systems and appliances are functioning as intended.

These inspections can be DIY or contracted out through NRVIA Certified RV Inspectors. We at Sherlock RV Inspections have an affordable Renters Inspection package that can be contracted for on a quarterly or discounted annual basis. Check out our service offerings at:

I hope you have found the information in this blog useful. Having owned three RV's (an expandable towable, a Class A and now a Class C) there is much that I wish I had known before purchasing and using my RV's. I became an RV Inspector to help others get into and enjoy the RV lifestyle - sort of an RV Life Coach if you will and that is the objective of these blog posts.

You can find an NRVIA Certified Inspector near you through the NRVIA web site locator.

Our primary objectives at Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC is to make sure your RV is safe to occupy and all major systems and appliances are functioning as intended.

A comprehensive inspection can take upwards of 8 to 10 hours to complete, contain 80 to 100 annotated pictures, and will provide you with the detail of the true condition of the RV at the time of the inspection.

Check out our web site for the inspection details and a sample report for review.

Safe Travels!

Ron Francoeur

Sherlock RV Inspection Service, LLC

Office: 352 – 224 – 9477

Cell/Text: 678 – 360 - 6883

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